Project Dashboard


For my latest project, Project Dashboard, I am going to create a wall mounted screen, that will show me an overview of all my ongoing server tasks, it will also be voice controlled,  this will be accomplished using a 19″ TFT I have laying around and a Raspberry Pi.

Parts & Features

The original table was powered by an ATX power supply to the central mobo of all the boards in the table, the central board works and powers on, but has no CPU, I used the power switch for the mobo to turn the lights on and off on the table, and the 12v lines from the PSU to power the lights.

Since updating the table I have added a lot of extra components, (photos from here out are without the table fully finished)



Sphere Photo From Android 4.2.1

Here is a Sphere Photo I took this weekend while at Frensham Ponds with the family.



Table V2

I have taken up the task of upgrading/revamping my coffee table I built a few years ago, Lots of new and exciting additions being added, Including my Raspberry Pi to create a table that is also a games console, pics and bits to come

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